TYGA PERFORMANCE タイガパフォーマンス フルカウル・セット外装 フルカウルキット タンクカバー付き MC22 T8 カラー:レプソル CBR250RR (MC22):ウェビック  - 6776f

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TYGA PERFORMANCE タイガパフォーマンス フルカウル・セット外装 フルカウルキット タンクカバー付き MC22 T8 カラー:レプソル CBR250RR (MC22)カラー:レッドはこちら




CBR250RR (MC22)

This bodywork set comprises of the very popular T8 body work shown below.We are offering this set painted in tough 2k paint as shown in the pictures to save a buyer the cost and time of getting them painted locally.By geting this set painted at source,we are able to offer a high quality paint job at a budget price.This kit is ideal for anyone wanting to make over their MC22 but they don’t have the time or the money to get the parts painted locally.This kit can be fitted in day so there is no down time for your riding!
This kit will instantly transform your bike and make it unrecognisable from the way it looks today.The kit is supplied with all additonal mounting hardware including the meter stay and lights provided.The stock indicators and mirrors can be used and are not supplied with this kit.Stays are laser cut and welded to a very high standard.
The paintwork is one of a choice of colours we offer for the T8 bodywork.Please see our website for other schemes.We do not do custom paintwork but we will consider additional schemes if there is a large demand.The quality of the paint is good but it is not perfect but much better value for money than anything else in the market.
Don’t confuse this kit with the ill fitting and easily broken plastic fairings out of China.This a top quality touch customlightweight bodywork with a lot more supplied apart from the panels which will enhance the looks of your bike at an affordable price.
Comprises of the TYGA products below
(Please indicate in comment box if you want a clear,tint or dark tinted screen and if you want integrated indicators in the headlight or a clear screen and headlight without indicators will be supplied)
Important! Painted to order.Please allow 2-4 weeks depending on workload for paint to be completed.

【送料無料】カウル関連 CBR250RR (MC22) TYGA PERFORMANCE タイガパフォーマンス BPFS-0052andBPFX-9225
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315,496円 (税込)